Welcome to the Wonderland Corner

If you are here, it means you’ve followed me down the rabbit hole into my little corner of the world, a place of curiosity and confusion. If you expect to find a sunshiny blog offering fluffy, hopeful inspiration, you are better off looking elsewhere. I am a twenty-year-old writer wrestling with the chaos of life, people’s stupidity, my own insecurities, and the anxiety that often follows the feeling of falling down a rabbit hole. Like Alice, I often find myself escaping into my subconscious and my dreams to create stories and characters that will help me cope with the challenges of life. This is a place where I try to record my mad visions and conflicted thoughts, a place to reflect on the love and grace I receive while trying to follow good advice, and perhaps offer some to you as well. (Just don’t take anything I say too personally. I happen to be gifted with an unrestrained imagination, little patience, and a substantial amount of sarcasm.) But if this confused and nonsensical corner of the world doesn’t frighten you off, you may come to see the beauty in the madness and appreciate my affinity for the place called Wonderland– that place where I can pen the color in the midst of the chaos, those six impossible things I like to believe in before breakfast.