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Q & A No. 1

If I was a YouTuber, like I have often wished I was, this would be your typical Q&A video. But since I don’t have the equipment or knowhow, this is the best I can do, while still allowing me to get participation from you readers! Thank you all for your questions. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to all of them, but maybe I’ll do one again in the future. Enough chatter. Here are 20 questions!

1. Q: What was the name of the infamous road-crossing chicken? And what did he do that would force the public to constantly question his motives? A: His name was Ken. Chick Ken. The fact that he was crossing the road indicates that he was either trying to get to or run away from something. Maybe he heard Colonel Sanders was coming to visit his farm and bolted. Maybe it was actually a mother hen whose son vanished under mysterious circumstances, and she had to cross to the unknown, other (up) side (down) of the road. Despite the endless possibilities, my final answer is “I don’t know,” because I have no insight into the ulterior motives of chickens.

2. Q: What is your absolute favorite book series and why? A: At the present time my favorite book series is Divergent by Veronica Roth. The books tell the story of a girl who is forced to make an impossible choice: stay with what she has known her whole life or take a risk for a dangerous new way of life that she feels called to lead. They explore themes of bravery, selflessness, man’s need for control and conformity, and what happens when a divergent individual breaks the boundaries of man’s “perfect political system.”

3. Q: How would you approach a person who wonders about God but whose beliefs about God are not clear? A: John 13:35 says, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” The first step is to build a relationship with the person. If you live as an example of Christ, they should be able to see that. They will realize you have something that sets you apart from others. You can share with them the significance and work of God in your own life, what He has done for you and why you need Him. If they doubt the existence of God, one of my favorite illustrations is the fact that beautiful pieces of art don’t just magically appear. Paintings don’t just randomly assemble over time. So something as intricate as our world and the design of human beings suggests that there must be an artist, a master creator. I don’t know where the person is in their spiritual life, but the three things I would suggest the most as you share your beliefs with them are: build a relationship, pray fervently, and use the Bible as your ultimate source of truth.

4. Q: What did you have for breakfast this morning? A: Three orange slices, two eggs, and one piece of toast.

5. Q: If you were forced to dye your hair, what color would it be? A: I would only dye my hair under extreme circumstances (like if I was getting paid for it), but if I had to, then I would go with either auburn or midnight blue. ‘Cause if you’re going to go so far as to die your hair, why not have fun with it? Don’t worry Mom, this was only a question.

6. Q: If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what pair would you pick? A: Probably my favorite pair of Vans, but only if they made the inside as comfortable as my tennis shoes. If not, I’d still probably go with the Vans. It’s one of those style over comfort situations.

7. Q: What’s your zodiac sign? Do you think it fits you? A: My zodiac sign is Capricorn the goat. Well technically, his front half is a goat, his back half is a fish tail, so he’s actually more of a mermaid-goat. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first because goats are usually a sign of evil. (I personally believe goats are evil. You will never see me at a petting zoo.) But because Capricorn has two different sides, he stands for two different things. His goat side represents ambition, curiosity, and intelligence. His fish side symbolizes passion and a connection to the spiritual. After learning this, I would say it fits me really well. I value knowledge, order, and determination, but I also have a crazy, whimsical side that loves to dream of things not of this world. But I also have no idea what in the world a zodiac sign is for, so I don’t know that it matters.

8. Q: If you could reorder the stars into a new constellation, what shape would you make? A: The Jolly Roger. Because how cool would it be to look into the night sky and actually see that magical ship made out of stars? I would love it so much.

9. Q: Where do you see yourself in twenty years? A: Preferably alive. And published.

10. Q: What’s your favorite dish, dessert, and favorite type of cuisine? A: I really don’t know because I’m not a picky eater. I guess anything with apples in it because apples are my favorite food.

11. Q: Do you have a favorite brother or sister? A: You had to go there? Of course I don’t! And not because that’s the right answer, but because I don’t! Sure I got along with some of them easier than others growing up, but I’m pretty sure I bossed them all around the same amount. And being away from them, I haven’t missed certain ones more than the others. Which means I miss them all the same. Which also means I love them all the same, thank you very much. Do you have a favorite sibling. . . ?

12. Q: What do you find is the most useful piece of furniture or gadget in your dorm room? A: I would say either the box that provides the wifi or whatever book I am currently reading.

13. Q: If you were ten years old, who are five people you would want to have dinner with? A: I don’t remember exactly what I was up to at ten years old, but I’m pretty sure the guest list would include Captain Jack Sparrow and then probably four characters from Lord of the Rings. That’s just a guess though.

14. Q: Why don’t genies give out fourth wishes? A: Maybe genies originated from China, where four is considered an unlucky number. I think it’s more likely that they give out three wishes to match their three rules.

15. Q: What is your favorite time of day to write? Do you have a favorite spot? A: I can’t say that I have a favorite time of day because I’ll take any time I can get. Sometimes it depends on the weather. I always feel more in a writing mood when it’s cloudy or raining. Favorite spots include bookstore coffee shops, airports, curled up on an armchair next to the fire at home, or wherever there are lots of people bustling around. Music is often a necessary component as well.

16. Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? A: Telekinesis- the ability to move things with one’s mind.

17. Q: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about God? A: A throne, a father, and open arms. That’s technically three things, but they go together.

18. Q: What is your goal? A: To be a New York Times bestselling author and remembered for my stories. To perform in Sondheim’s Into the Woods at some point in my life. And to work at Disney World. Or live there. Either one would be fine.

19. Q: What is a song that always makes you dance? A: The song at the end of Beetlejuice. I think it’s called “Jump in the Line.” “Someone in the Crowd” from La La Land is another one. And “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” both the Barbra Streisand original and the Glee version by Lea Michele.

20. Q: What is the best question you’ve ever been asked, and what was your answer? A: I don’t know if was the best question I’ve been asked, but it’s one of my favorites. It happened last year when I went with my aunt to pick up my cousins from school. I was waiting in the cafeteria while they were getting their things together, and this little kid who was probably six or seven walked up to me and asked me if I was a grown up or a kid. And I told him I was both. It meant there was still hope for me, that I wasn’t too grown up yet.

Thank you for reading my first Q&A, and especially for sending me a question if you did! I hope my answers were satisfactory.






1 Corinthians 13:12.

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